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Why You’re probably Incorrect Concerning Joker And you will Harley Quinn

Possibly they’re not „relationships goals,“ but perhaps you is to end calling their matchmaking abusive as well.

It’s an everyday sunlight-y time and i open up Tumblr so you’re able to yet again discover one to „The fresh Joker and you may Harley aren’t relationships requirements,“ „The latest Joker is actually abusive to help you Harley,“ „The newest Joker held Harley straight back while the a nature!“ Oh, however, contraire my absolutely nothing ducklings. Because if you’ve actually have a look at comics or reviewed so it dating whatsoever next perhaps you’ll understand something otherwise one or two in the how completely wrong you are.

The best anti-Joker and you will Harley dispute around right now is the fact that Joker is an abusive arse on Harley Quinn and that he tricked this lady into become whom this woman is. Individuals blames everything to the him, but that’s in fact among the many the very least exact depictions You will find ever before heard about the relationship, while the contrary to popular belief Harleen Quinzel had long been seeking be someone otherwise, and you may she constantly is actually this way. The latest Joker never ever in fact mistreated her to acquire this lady in order to become just who she actually is, a great amount of it originated her or him speaking. Harleen fell deeply in love with your while the just who he was, and you may she knew most of the dreadful things he’d over.