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8 Hacks to chat better on Tinder!

How to chat better on Tinder ?

“Hey what’s up?” Yes, this is the most cliche message that you can send or receive on Tinder and also this is the most boring one! So, as a result after a few replies you will again get back to square one. As it has been perfectly said by the author of “Appily ever after: A woman’s guide to online dating” who is named as Benjamin Daly, that when you have to reply to a lot of messages then the messages like „how it’s going?“ Or „what’s up?“ Seems very much tempting for offering but that does neither assure you a reply nor a probable future connection.

Gone are the days when boys only used to make the first move or start a conversation. So now is the time for us that is we all girls need to make the first move or ask for something that we want. As we love to be felt special that’s how the other person loves to feel too. So, rather than using the generic conversation starter, you must be doing something new or interesting which will show the person on the other side of you that you are trying to start a conversation. Or you are taking a little time from your busy schedule and that is why chances are more that the other person is going to reply back.

Tinder has around 50 million users out of which 10 million users use the app to chat with other users daily. Every average user generally spends 35 minutes chatting in this app daily. Everyday around 1.6 billion swipes takes place in Tinder. There have been over more than 20 bn matches on Tinder since 2012. On an average 1.5 million dates take place every week due to Tinder that clearly shows how important communication is to get a proper connection.

Also after starting a conversation it is very much important to keep getting the attention from the opposite person. In order to not get them distracted you have to keep the conversation interesting.

1. First things First : You need to choose a nice profile picture for your profile in order to show your personality and your physical assets.