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Abortion in Latin America and also the Caribbean

Incidence and styles

  • During 2010–2014, an approximated 6.5 million induced abortions happened each in Latin America and the Caribbean—up from 4.4 million during 1990–1994 year.
  • The yearly price of abortion is approximated at 44 per 1,000 females of reproductive age (15–44), an increase that is slight 40 per 1,000 in 1990–1994.
  • The local abortion price is approximately 48 per 1,000 for hitched females and 29 per 1,000 for unmarried ladies. 1
  • At the time of 2010–2014, abortion prices vary across subregions, from 33 per 1,000 ladies in Central America to 48 per 1,000 in south usa to 59 per 1,000 within the Caribbean.
  • The percentage of most pregnancies in Latin America therefore the Caribbean closing in abortion increased between 1990–1994 and 2010–2014, from 23% to 32%. 1

Appropriate status of abortion

  • A lot more than 97percent of females of reproductive age in Latin America therefore the Caribbean reside in nations with restrictive abortion regulations (in other terms., countries in the 1st four groups in dining Table 2). 2
  • Abortion just isn’t allowed for just about any explanation in six nations. Nine other people enable it nearly solely to truly save the woman’s life, with only some providing limited exceptions for rape (Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Panama) and grave fetal anomaly (Chile, Panama and very nearly 1 / 2 of the states of Mexico).